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KASUGA DENKI Privacy Policy

About the Privacy Policy

KASUGA DENKI, Inc. (hereinafter “the Company”) operates its websites as a service for its customers. You may be asked to provide your personal information when using part of this website, including inquiries, signup for email services, and other services that you may use at your discretion. The information requested will consist mainly of your personal information essential to enabling the Company to offer you services and service-related information, such as your name, email address, phone number, address, and invoice sending address. In addition, you may be asked to offer other information for your convenience. In this event, you may choose whether or not to offer information, with the exception of certain minimally required items. The Company will never modify your information offered without your consent.

Please note that your information may be offered to third parties depending on the type of service offered on the website. For example, your name and address may be offered to companies providing delivery and other services on behalf of the Company.

The Company may change the above policy. In this event, every change will be published on this website.

Guarantee and Limited Liability

You may use the Company’s website at your own risk. The Company accepts no liability whatsoever for any damages arising out of the use of any information obtained from this website or from any other website linked from this website.


Cookies are used to enhance your experience when revisiting this website and neither infringe on your privacy nor have any adverse impact on your computer. You may configure your browser to block cookies without interrupting your ability to view this website. For details about how to configure your browser, please contact your browser’s manufacturer.


This website may have links to third-party websites and certain third-party websites may have links to this website. In either case, the information and content on third-party websites are managed and operated by their respective owners. The Company accepts no liability whatsoever for any inconvenience or damage arising from their use.

If you wish to create a link to this website, please obtain prior approval from the Company.

Governing Law

The Company’s websites are controlled by the Company and are accessible from many countries with differing laws. You agree that both you and the Company are governed by the laws of Japan in connection with the use of this website, irrespective of any differences in legal principles.

The Company makes no claim or indication as to whether or not the content on this website is appropriate to your environment. Your connection to and use of this website is at your own free will and risk.

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